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  • I’m Fine!
    Whenever someone asks me how I’m doing, I usually have the same response, “fabulous”.  I started using this response several years ago, because I recognize it not only adjusted my mind-set but the responses I received from the person asking … Continue reading
  • Forgiving Abusive or Neglectful Parents (Part 2)
    For many, forgiving parents will undoubtedly be difficult; particularly in cases where a parent was abusive. However, it is in these cases that we must be even more diligent about practicing forgiveness. To not do so and to choose to … Continue reading
  • Your Presence is Requested
    A conversation with my niece prompted me to re-post this blog. A few years ago my husband, Paul, and I were ecstatic to be able to attend a preseason Chicago Bears game.  The sweltering heat could not deter us from arriving … Continue reading

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Assisted Living Referrals

Assisted Living Referrals helps seniors, adults and their families in obtaining housing, services, products and community resources to suit each individual need. Our experience enables us to respond to needs and concerns with empathy and an expertise that is highly valued by our clients. Helping clients is a focal point of our core business model.

Current and long term needs are addressed in each and every consultation. We work very closely with communities and care providers to ensure that the recommendations that we make are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  Let us help you locate assisted living, offer memory care options if you need Alzheimer's care, get home care or explore home healthcare options.

To learn more about Assisted Living Referrals and the services that we offer call us at 630-882-0084