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  • Mission Critical
    I recently attended a luncheon where they discussed the importance of having a plan in place for a disruptive event.  They were referring to a disruptive event in a company’s computer processing and systems, however; it occurred to me that … Continue reading
  • Change Your Priorities
    Being a family caregiver is a 24/7 job.  It’s probably one of the most difficult and thankless jobs one can do.  The stress level is off the charts, the pay is non-existent and trying to make time for you is … Continue reading
  • Confessions of a Caregiver
    So often we can feel overwhelmed or like we just aren’t making that big of a difference to those around us. The truth is you do make a difference to those around you , especially if you care for a … Continue reading

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Med Assist

Med Assist specializes in medical bill auditing and reconciliation. We take your statements and explanation of benefits and do a complete reonciliation. Upon completion you recieve a detailed summary of accounts. Please visit our website for more information.