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  • There’s Got to Be a Morning After
    While on vacation I joked about randomly breaking into the song “The Morning After” from the 1972 action-adventure disaster film Poseidon Adventure (ok not so funny while on a cruise ship).  However; it did get me thinking about caregiving (may … Continue reading
  • The Windex Perspective
    The other day I grabbed the Windex to clean the mirrors in my bathrooms and bedroom.  What happened next was inspirational (or just seemed inspirational, either way I felt moved to share). While cleaning my “getting ready” mirror I realized … Continue reading
  • Caregivers: It’s Okay To Say No!
    It’s Friday night and just as you’re walking out the door for a much-anticipated evening with friends, the phone rings. It’s your elderly mother calling for the third time that day, asking if you would pick up some items from … Continue reading

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Med Assist

Med Assist specializes in medical bill auditing and reconciliation. We take your statements and explanation of benefits and do a complete reonciliation. Upon completion you recieve a detailed summary of accounts. Please visit our website for more information.